Food Items That Are Bad For You

Nowadays, people are leading such a busy life that they have no time for cooking and baking at home and therefore they are flying towards junk food which is a very good alternative for them Any food that has no nutritional values and instead contains high saturated fats, calories, sugar is called junk food. This food is harmful to our body as it contains a reduced level of nutrients required by our body and thereby causing weakness in us. But the consequences of it are equally bad which they are ignorant about.

Food items which look charming to their eyes and tongue are actually throwing them in deep pitch of diseases and suffering where the terrible diseases like diabetes, asthma, and cancer grab them.

Fast foods contain a high concentration of oil and fats which human body finds difficult to digest and therefore a high amount of blood and enzymes are used and when the percentage of junk food increases in one’s body the major portion of blood get diverted to the intestine resulting in drowsiness and lack of concentration. Another harmful effect of it which can be seen in every other family these days unhealthy food contains. Heart attacks, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, and atherosclerosis are some of the very common heart diseases which are affecting a large portion of our population these days.

Not only this, such foods can damage one’s liver due to the high concentration of fat, salts, and cholesterol it contains.

Research now says that one-third of cancer patients are now diet related. Obesity caused by unhealthy food increases the probability of developing cancer of colon, esophagus, and kidney.

To conclude, one can advise that there is no harm if you are consuming fast food once in a blue moon but if you have become an addict than it’s a high time to get over your addiction to fall prey to harmful disease.

Too much of sugar is, in fact, bad for your hair as it may only promote hair loss and dull hair. A number of people are not even aware of the fact that how much sugar they should consume in a single day. One average teen is believed to consume at least 20 teaspoons of sugar in a single day. Sugar is known to increase the level of adrenalin our body which in turn promotes the androgen in our body which is known to promote hair loss.

One should also avoid eating too much of salt as it is also linked to hair loss. Most of the people also like taking salt as a supplement for iodine. Instead of salt one can also try eating fish which is rich in iodine. Eating fish may also promote hair growth. Eating sea salt may always be a good supplement for iodized salt as it promotes hair growth. Avoid eating saturated fat as it can help in increasing DHT level in our body that is responsible for hair loss. So, it is always advisable that one has to control the amount of saturated fat that you consume in a single day.

Taking food that contains good nutrition is always advisable for everyone as it gives lots vitamins and mineral to a human body. So, one should avoid junk food in excess quantity for achieving a healthy life. Especially in summer one should not consume junk food as it really very harmful for everyone and can also be a cause of food poisoning. As it is said prevention is better than cure so you should think about it and avoid much oily and unhealthy food for getting a healthy and fruitful life.

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