4 Simple Steps To Improve Fitness

With the aim of improving your fitness, you’re required to select the right fitness program that would lead to the increase in your fitness level considerably. Here are the four simple steps that would facilitate you in maximizing the fitness levels and achieving your desired fitness goals.

1: Assessing your desired fitness level

The very first step is to complete the basic assessments in order to create a baseline fitness score that will enable you to fix up your goal and measure the progress that is absolutely vital for your motivation. You have to make it a point to check the assessments to keep a track on your improvements every day. Following are the parameters that should be in your assessment list.

You need to take your pulse rate before and then immediately after a mile’s walk.

The time that you require in walking that 1 mile.

The number of pushups that you are able to complete in a specific time period.

The distance you can reach forward while sitting on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you.

Measuring the waist’s circumference at the level of the navel.

Measuring the body weight.

You should consult a doctor before starting your exercise regimen if you are doing it for the first time or if you had any chronic medical conditions in the past.

2: Determining your fitness goals

You need to keep the fitness level in mind and then start the fitness program that would eventually bear you the desired benefits. In case your doctor has suggested you to initiate a fitness regime in order to improve your overall physical fitness and general mobility, you may fix up the fitness goals accordingly.

3: Considering your preferences: likes and dislikes

You may determine which of the physical activities you enjoy the most. Accordingly, you may include them in your fitness regime. Just in case you like cycling, then you may attend the spinning class. In case you are a dance lover, you may take up zumba or aerobics which is a great physical exercise.

4: Thinking of variety and achieving them

You should preferably include a wide range of activities in your fitness regime in order to avoid monotony. For that you may practice cross-training which would also lessen the risk of injury of any particular muscle due to over exercising. You may alternate different activities for the best results.

One thing that is to be borne in mind is that you have to build up the intensity of the physical movements gradually. It is very necessary to start slowly and then keep increasing the intensity eventually. Each and every workout take you one step towards the achievement of your fitness goal. At times you need to reassess your fitness goals for better results. Your improved fitness will give you a better lifestyle and also help you in regaining your lost health.

So, if you are still not paying attention to your fitness status, then it is high time to make a plan for yourself following the above four steps and get going.

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